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"...precisely how we have recovered."

Big Book Study Sessions

Listen to the sessions online or download them and take them with you on your phone. Perfect for sponsee’s and sponsors alike. Faith without works is dead.

Additional Resources

There are many resources available to help aid you in your journey down the broad highway. Here are a few that we hope you find useful. Please share these with others who are on the path.

About Us

History of 15 week “Big Book Study & Action Group” (BBSAG)

During the 1950’s, a man by the name of Mac C. (now deceased) started a group in Winnipeg Manitoba called the “Golden Slippers”. The group was a back to the basics of the “Big Book” kind of group, especially for those people who just could not stay sober for any length of time. The group took a bunch of chronic “slippers” and walked them through the Steps, taking the action exactly as laid out by the first 100 men and women who wrote the basic textbook, Alcoholics Anonymous.

The results were miraculous and word soon spread throughout Winnipeg. Many people with all lengths of sobriety wanted to join this group. During the 1975 International AA Convention in Denver, Mac talked about their experience and many AA members around the country began to replicate this amazing process.

What others say about us

Michael L.

Your Big Book seminar and the “Myth busters” information are much appreciated. My program of recovery was an example of my self-will run riot fueled by misinformation gleaned from the many “Halls of AA” and only asking my sponsor the questions I thought I knew the answer to. I guess the only things I was impressing was my own addition. You have taught me that I am no different than AA #3. 24hrs, Spiritual Recovery and helping the newcomer are the tools I now move forward with. God bless you for saving my recovery and my ass.

Michael L. Minneapolis, MNWikiTravel

I was in the St. Paul Session in the fall/winter of 2007. I just wanted to say a huge thank you. After being sober over 30 years, this process has definitely given my recovery new wings. I am now working with three newer guys to go through the book and do the steps this way ~ the way of the 1st one hundred. You said that people would become aware of “something different” when we completed these steps and that newer people would be attracted to what we had. Well just that did happen and that is how I have begun to work with these men. Already, I am experiencing a new joy that I have not had for years. What a way to begin the new year.

D.F.St. Paul, MNMedia Wiki

This program changed my whole life and that’s a huge understatement. Really, it gave me a life.

M.Z.St. Louis Park, MNMax Mobilcom

I wanted to thank you for the meaningful and helpful information and sharing from the past Big Book Study & Action Group on Tuesday Nights. I have since recruited 2 new sponsees and am able to better “carry the message”. I found the things you emphasized about sponsorship very helpful. I am soooooo excited to be sponsoring. I am finally “sandwiched” in my recovery: my sponsor above and sponsees below.

S.C MinneapolisDoom Inc

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