3rd Column Words

Ambitions Your plans or great desires.
Self-Esteem What we think of ourselves.
Emotional Security Exposure to feelings of apprehension or doubt.
Personal Security Exposure to danger, risk or safety to physical well-being.
Financial Security Wanting money, property, clothing, housing, cars, etc. in order to be secure.
Personal Relationships Our relations with other human beings and the world around us. Involves a third party. (Note: do not use person from column one, only others around us).
Sex Relations Our sex lives.
Fear A feeling of anxiety, agitation, uneasiness, apprehension, etc. May be temporary or continual.

4th Column Words

Selfish Influenced by personal motives to the disregard of the welfare or wishes of others. (Also includes: Did the person act the way I wanted them to? Did that person act the way they did because of something I don’t know about or understand?)
Self-Seeking The interest in furthering one’s own interests or advancing one’s own ends among others. Effecting how others perceive me. Trying to have a reputation that is not deserved.
Dishonest 1) By Commission: To commit, to do, to act on, out and out lies.
2) By Omission: To omit. What I didn’t say. Information I did not provide. Did I tell them what I needed, how I felt or what I thought? Have I been honest with myself?
Frightened Afraid. Fear, especially that which arises from apprehension. May result from reliance upon people, places and things instead of having faith in a Higher Power.
Inconsiderate Lack of consideration about how another person felt, their wants, their needs, their beliefs, or how I affected them?
Pride High or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.; pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging to oneself.